Our story

Autron was born in 2021, with a clear mission: to empower brands and sellers to win on ad-driven e-commerce marketplaces.

These platforms are increasingly complex and uncertain. Competition moves at a lightning pace, ranking algorithms are continually evolving, marketplace dynamics are extremely fluid. Businesses face short-term and permanent disruption from all angles.

In this environment, we recognised it can be difficult to sustainably operate marketplace ads, beat the competition and achieve business growth objectives.

By applying practical machine-learning and optimization research, we're bringing together the worlds of business and academia to solve this problem. Focusing on building intuitive, turnkey software tools for nonspecialists who can use our AI capabilities to stay competitive with ease and confidence.

Today, our decision engine and bidding technology is helping businesses, initially on the Amazon platform, run fully automated PPC advertising campaigns. Saving time, boosting sales and optimizing ROI and ad spend.

Leadership team

Julian Timings

Julian Timings

Julian is a serial entrepreneur and technology lead whose work experience spans fundamental research, eCommerce, cloud kitchens, product development and autonomous vehicles. He holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge with research interests in various fields of machine learning, data science and optimization. He is an avid foodie and when spare time arises enjoys cycling.


Contact us at hello@autron.io